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Non Basmati Rice
Rice is the impeccable food useful for the treatment of diarrhea of non-infectious causes. It can be taken in accumulation with your favorite vegetables and ensures good taste sensation and health. The grain has various salubrious properties and is suitable for both supper and lunch meals.
Boer Goat
Boer Goats we offer are the animals, which can aid to provide milk as well as money in other ways. At ease to work with large livestock, these are simple to tame and maintain.
Organic Compost Fertilizer
Compost is fundamentally decomposed or decomposed organic matter, made during the method of composting. It is noted as one of the most expedient as well as easy manners to yield organic matter.
Fresh Preserved Vegetables
Fresh Preserved Vegetables we deal in come with variety of health profits. People who eat these vegetables as well as fruits as part of their overall healthy diet are feasible to have a shortened menace of some chronic sicknesses.
Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer as well as the substitute for synthetic nourishment. Applicative as the soil conditioner, it has proficiency to increase soil structure.
Pure Natural Essential Oils
Organic Essential Oils we offer come with high effectiveness in all of their applications. These oils come with an optimal shelf life as well as stable consistency and can be used for long time.
Sagwan Wood
Sagwan Wood Logs are widely applicable for handicrafts, construction, home furnishing and packing. These logs of assorted lengths should be stored in dry warehouses. Having high timber, it is apt for both interior and exterior woodwork.
Pink Green Granites are offered in rosy pinks and green colors. These are applicable for decorative paths made in hotels, malls, buildings, restaurants, monuments, bridges, pavements, roads, etc.

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